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Problem with Beo 7
Problem with Beovision 7


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Hi all

Got a problem with my TV. Suddenly the remote stopped working with the TV. The TV program was still running. Just noticed before it went dead the remote said WAIT... Checked batteries - ok. Unplugged TV and plugged back in, the red dot goes on. No reaction to the remote at all. CD working from manual touch. I had the remotes linked to different tvs. Reset to ALL. not working. Remotes working with the other TVs. Any thoughts? Many thanks in advance!

Posted Fri, Dec 4 2015 11:08 PM by Artisorbis
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Artisorbis wrote re: Problem with Beo 7
on Fri, Dec 4 2015 11:26 PM

Solved the problem - apparently the TV requires the remote to be LINKed to it. Press and hold the STANBY and press LIST. Browse by pressing LIST until you get ZONE then LINK. The TV started responding. Best